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Find out how it works

Delivery days and times

The delivery of the boxes will be made on the following days and in the following cities:

  • Amsterdam: Tuesday between 9:30 AM and 1:30 PM
  • Delft (Rijswijk / Voorburg / Voorschoten): Tuesday between 4:00 and 8:30 PM
  • Rotterdam: Wednesday between 9:30 AM and 1:30 PM
  • Den Haag (Wassenaar): Wednesday between 4:00 and 8:30 PM
  • Utrecht: Thursday between 9:30 AM and 1:30PM
  • Leiden (Noordwijk): Thursday between 4:00 and 20:30 PM

From May 1st, it will also be possible to collect the products ordered online directly from the warehouse in Gouda.

Minimum order, costs of delivery, different address and communication about times of delivery

The minimum order value is €25 and we charge €3,90 delivery costs. If the order value exceeds €35, delivery is FREE.

If the order is less than € 35, you can organize yourself with friends or family by having everything delivered to a single address.

If you know that you cannot be at home at the time of delivery, when placing your order, use the “Ship to a different address” field indicating the address (friends, relatives, neighbors, office) you are relying on.

You can also report the times when you are not available in the “order notes” field.

In the unlikely event, on the same day of delivery, you cannot be home during the indicated delivery hours because you either have an unexpected visit, an appointment or have to pick up the children from school, you can change the delivery up to 3 hours before the start.

If we are unable to accommodate your request, you will be contacted.

If, when purchasing a box, you reach the threshold of €35, but due to an error on our part, a product is missing and you do not reach the threshold, we will not charge any delivery costs.

Immediate communication and tracking of your order

Broadcast lists will be created on WhatsApp both for important and urgent communications and for sharing our position on the delivery day. If you decide not to be on the broadcast lists, mind we will not share our location privately and you will not be able to live track us. The customer will simply have to expect delivery on the scheduled day and time.

Only in case of problems, emergencies, or important communications, we will sent a message either in the broadcast lists as well as privately.

You can enter or leave the broadcast lists at any time if you are registered in our system.

No acquaintances, friends or relatives can be added if they have not registered and opened an account.

Cancellation policy and additional costs

The delivery can be cancelled (without additional costs) at least 3 hours before the start of delivery. For deliveries starting in the morning (at 09:30) the latest time to cancel will be at 6:30 AM. For deliveries in the afternoon (at 16:30), the latest time to cancel will be 1:30 PM.

If for any reason the delivery will be cancelled less than 3 hours before or even as we have started delivering, we will charge an additional fee of €4,90.
In this case we will try to deliver your box at another time or otherwise the order will be completely cancelled.

Of course, we understand that there can be unforeseen events and sudden emergencies. If this is the case, we will discuss this directly with the person concerned before charging the additional fee.

Methods and Checking at time of Delivery and Collection of boxes

At the time of delivery, a quick check of the contents of the box will be made. The box from the previous order will be collected.

The delivery box will not be collected on the same day, but the next time a delivery is made.

The delivery will be made on the ground floor, at the door of the house or at the front door of the building.

Should there be any problems (Covid positive, health problems, or handicap) we will be happy to help you bring the box to the place, in your home, of your choice.

Invoices, payments

Since you are shopping for fruit, vegetables and dairy products, these may vary in weight. Therefore, you will receive the invoice with the exact amount due per item via email. All invoices should be paid within 14 days upon receipt. You will receive the payment request via WhatsApp or email. You can choose how you wish to receive the payment request when you register.

Consumer product review and complaints

For any kind of communication regarding products and problems with the delivered boxes, please write us or submit a complain, as soon as possible, through WhatsApp. We will review this further.
Each report will help us improve our services and build a meaningful connection with our customers. In case of several complaints on one single product, we will thoroughly investigate the issue to solve the problem in the shortest time and the best possible way. We will provide our findings and final response via email.

A single report on the quality of a product could be interpreted as subjective. Your feedback means a lot to us and it will be greatly appreciated.

Sicitrus is a developing company, eager to grow. We are aware that there is always room for growth and improvement. Therefore, if you wish to submit any suggestion about manufacturers or products, please don’t hesitate to write us through email.